Hi there, thanks for visiting my site! I'm Jenn, a freelance music photographer and videographer based in North West England. 

My style is influenced by a mix of neo psychedelia and punk visuals; dreamy, experimental, and  vibrant.  

I've been working as a photographer since graduating from SAE Institute in 2019. I made the jump from film to photography quite naturally as it developed from my love of unit stills and cinematography, and after befriending some musicians and finding a love for the live scene, it followed to music. Since then I've been shooting live gigs and promotional pieces, and directing/producing music videos and live sessions with a range of grassroot and established artists.

Since 2019 til 2020 I was the lead photographer for The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool, where I would shoot and edit content for our live events, pre-plan shot lists and work alongside our marketing team to produce content distribution schedules.

If you're looking to book me or enquire about anything, give me a shout over on my email via jenncliffwilcock.photography@gmail.com or give us a call on my mobile +44 (0) 7786498910 or you can direct message me on my Instagram @lens_of_a_wool -


I'd love to grab a coffee with you to discuss your project :) 


The Zanzibar Club

Bido Lito

Jazz North

Future Yard

Happy Daze


Sound Music Group