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Hi there, thanks for visiting my site! I'm Jenn, a freelance music photographer and videographer based in North West England. 

My style is influenced by a mix of neo psychedelia and punk visuals; dreamy, experimental, and  vibrant.  

I've been working as a photographer since graduating from SAE Institute in 2019. I made the jump from film to photography quite naturally as it developed from my love of unit stills and cinematography, and after befriending some musicians and finding a love for the live scene, it followed to music. 

From 2019 til 2020 I was the lead photographer for The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool, where I would shoot and edit content for our live events, pre-plan shot lists and work alongside our marketing team to produce content distribution schedules.

Since I left The Zanzibar Club, I've been working professionally as a freelance music photographer and videographer with various artists, labels, promoters, and venues, and it's been a fantastic experience so far! I create works that capture the artist's personality and message they're trying to put across in different forms of media i.e. promo photos, music videos, live sessions, interviews and gig photos and videos! 

If you're looking to book me or enquire about anything, give me a shout over on my email via jenncliffwilcock.photography@gmail.com or give us a call on my mobile 07786498910 or you can direct message me on my Instagram @lens__of_a_wool


I'd love to grab a coffee with you to discuss your project :) 


The Zanzibar Club

Happy Daze

Jazz North


Bido Lito

Future Yard

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