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Hi there, thanks for visiting my site! I'm Jenn Cliff-Wilcock, a freelance music photographer and videographer based in Liverpool/North West. 

I've been doing this for about a year, starting while I was in my last year of university studying film production at SAE in 2019. I made the jump from film to photography quite naturally, it developed from my love of unit stills and cinematography, and after befriending some musicians, it followed to live music. 


I begun my work with The Zanzibar Club's inhouse event night Sumati, where I continue to work as their photographer and videographer, shooting and editing the content for all of our live events, and organising schedules for publishing content. It is through this creative freedom and control that Sumati has given me, that I have developed my pastel, faded, alternative and flarey style of photography. During my time here I have shot bands/artists such as Larkins, OHMNS, Beija Flo, Eli Smart, MC Nelson, and Niki Kand. 

I have also worked for the likes of GetIntoThis and Sound City, and have also had my work published as an EP cover for Dan Disgrace's 'Nightmare Music'.

If you're looking to book me or enquire about anything, give me a shout over on my email via jenncliffwilcock.photography@gmail.com or give us a call on my mobile +44 (0) 7786498910 or if you want to you can direct message me on my Instagram @lens_of_a_wool


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